Emma Rosenberg

Social Shopping

User testing had shown that there is demand from Farfetch users to see products on 'real' people. Additionally, for our users, social media, especially Instagram, was an important tool to get inspiration and information from peers, brands, influencers and others. So the concept of a 'social shopping' page was proposed - to include social imagery that is being created daily, as part of the shopping journey for Farfetch users.

↑ Instagram content linked to Farfetch products

Process and team

I worked with the product owner, another designer, and the social media team to explore options. A third party was employed to produce the content management system and basic functionality, allowing the social media team to easily tag and filter images to appear on a feed. The gallery format allows users to browse the latest content, and filter according to categories - clothing accessories, etc, and also according to 'trend'.


↑ Feed filtered by 'trend'

Initial results and next steps

We considered this social content gallery to be very much a first-stage approach to the idea of integrating social content into our e-commerce products. Once demand for the content in it's current format could be established, we could then start to investigate how users are interacting with the gallery and content overall, and refine further or try other solutions depending on the feedback and data we receive. So far, the results are good - early metrics indicate that the page has had a high amount of views and a good level of engagement from users and a higher than estimated conversion rate. View the page here.