Emma Rosenberg

Social Shopping

For our users, social media, especially Instagram, is an important tool to get inspiration and information from peers, brands, influencers and others. Also, we'd seen from user research that seeing a product on a real person on social media could help them make a purchasing decision more quickly. These insights led us to investigate integrating social imagery into the shopping journey for Farfetch users.

↑ Instagram content linked to Farfetch products

Process and team

After working with a small cross functional team to explore options, we arrived at the idea for our first test. The gallery format allows users to browse the latest content, and filter according to categories - clothing accessories, etc, and also according to 'trend'.


↑ Feed filtered by 'trend'

Initial results and next steps

We considered this first launch of the social content gallery to the minimum viable product (or MVP) approach to the idea of integrating social content into our e-commerce products. After testing further and getting feedback from our users, we could iterate further depending on the feedback and data we receive. So far, the results are encouraging - early metrics indicate that the page has a good level of engagement nd a higher than expected conversion rate. View the page here.