Emma Rosenberg

Live for IKEA Family

IKEA's founding mission is to design furniture that improves people's daily lives. Live for IKEA's mission is to reaffirm this idea with its readers. To accomplish this, we aimed to make global feel local
 across three platforms: the responsive site, the printed magazine and social media. Published in 29 countries, in 27 languages, the overall goal is to build loyalty and community and take content into new markets for IKEA.

Winner of the fourth Annual People’s Lovie Award Winner and Bronze Lovie Award Winner in Website: Lifestyle 2014.

The design process for Live is very collaborative, and starts by interviewing real-life users of IKEA globally, and beginning to tell a story from insights based upon this. We work with with stylists and photographers to shoot the most exciting homes and ideas, and the stories begin to take shape. The stories are presented across multiple platforms, and the content is translated into 27 languages. When it won the prestigious PPA Customer Magazine of the Year Award the judges noted: “The design is unique and on brand, it has an inviting tone, and is a fantastic example of global publishing.”

The responsive global site has a simple visual formula that translates across cultures and provides a consistent visual language for various types of editorial content, accessible on all devices. The content is designed and updated monthly, with the aim being to help users attain a better life at home. The latest issues have had excellent feedback, and we were delighted to be chosen as winners of the fourth Annual People’s Lovie Award Winner and Bronze Lovie Award winner in Website: Lifestyle 2014.